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Choosing a path in the arts

It's a bit of a myth that great artists are born great. Great artists need support and development by great teachers. I am really passionate about arts education, as I think it can be too easy for people to just look at the end result and forget all of the practise and training that goes into producing a great artist. This blog is all about demystifying arts education and showing how anyone can become a better artist. It will be useful for budding artists, but also for teachers and parents looking to inspire teenagers into further art education to improve their skills.

Choosing a path in the arts

    Mastering Math The Modern Way: Meet Your Mobile Math Maestro Today!

    If you are seeking a convenient and effective way to help your child excel in primary school math, look no further than the world of online tutoring. The digital age has revolutionized education, and with the advent of mobile learning, mastering math has become easier and more engaging than ever before. Every parent should explore the benefits of enrolling their child with a primary school math tutor online. Embrace the modern way of learning and meet your mobile math maestro today for an exceptional educational journey that your child will take so much more away from than you could possibly imagine.

    3 Steps to Help You Write Better Papers That Also Help You Learn Better Writing Skills

    There are lots of shortcuts to earning a better grade on your paper, but many students want to get better at writing for their career. Here are some ways to improve your grades that will also help in the workplace.  Online spelling and grammar tools If you find it hard to remember where to place a comma or find your writing is regularly dinged on grammatical errors it can be useful to run your work through an online spelling and grammar checker.

    Teaching Your Child To Tell The Time

    Learning how to tell the time is an important aspect of early childhood education that parents should undertake, before their kids start school.  Here are some simple but effective ideas for teaching your youngster how to tell the time. Before your child begins learning how to tell the time, use fun games that will give your child an idea of what different measurements of time equate to.  For example, ask the child to complete an easy puzzle within five minutes, or perhaps challenge them to skip with you for two minutes.

    Four Things Beginners Should Know When Enrolling in a Truck Driver School

    Truck drivers form an integral part of the shipping trade because they transport raw materials and goods to distribution centers, retail outlets, and warehouses. If you love cruising on the open road and need a steady source of income, then truck driving should work for you. Truck drivers have a responsibility to other drivers on highways, pedestrians and the company they work for to drive in a safe and responsible manner.

    Understanding Your Employer's Responsibility during General Induction at a Construction Site

    Occupational health and safety is an important aspect in many workplaces, especially construction sites. In spite of the preparation that you have done in a learning institution, you need some induction in the field so that you are competent enough to handle different construction projects in the field. During induction, you will be exposed to real-life work scenarios involving construction procedures and machinery used at work. It also comes with the risks and challenges associated with construction work.

    Applying for the Dangerous Goods Licence

    Dangerous goods training and licencing is essential for ensuring that employees and companies are adhering to proper health and safety protocols. Employers have a moral and legal obligation to minimize risk of injury and even death to both employees and members of the public. Region specific information can be found on government websites on the internet that have appropriate contact details for the relevant courses and paperwork required. However it is often difficult to know when a dangerous goods licence and training is needed.

    5 Times it Pays to Take Refresher Driving Lessons

    Many people will receive their driving license and then never have to take another lesson. However, there are many situations which make it prudent to take one or two refresher lessons. These are lessons you take after you've already passed in order to brush up on your skills. Here are 5 times it might be beneficial to book a class. 1. You're Using an Unfamiliar Transmission System Switching from an automatic transmission system to a manual one is often something that people find tricky.

    Five Tips to Make Working in Confined Spaces Safer

    A confined space is an area such as a crawl space or an attic. Working in these places can be dangerous for a number of reasons including limited exits or the presence of flammable gasses or material. Luckily, by keeping the right safety tips in mind, you can stay safe in these areas.  1. Check the oxygen levels.  To ensure you can breathe in the space, check the oxygen levels before you start working in there.